My Lots: The Bluffs Improved

Another of the three special lots in Windenburg that needed a little updating to be functional was the Bluffs. Sims are frequently invited here for parties as well, and the outlying areas usually feature big bonfires, DJ booths, and mobile bars. It's a beautifully scenic party spot, and the actual lot itself features a great... Continue Reading →


Made Colorful: Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff will be a great asset once we have seasons in the Sims 4 - until then it seems a little odd to randomly throw costume parties, but maybe that's just me. There was only one hairstyle for children in this pack, the cute little girl's tiara! Here it is in all five distinctive... Continue Reading →

My Sims: Zenith Hale

Meet Zenith Hale, the founder of my second attempt at the Legacy Challenge in the Sims 4. This time, I was attempting to do the dreaded Alphabet Challenge, where each generation is named with the next letter of the alphabet and you have to make it through not ten but twenty-six generations. HA! (I only... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Parenthood

The Parenthood game pack is absolutely fantastic so far. It added so much family interaction into the game that was definitely missing, including a new Character Values system which can add several new traits to your sims through gameplay! It also added two new hairstyles for children. Unfortunately, it didn't add any new toddler hairs,... Continue Reading →

My Lots: Ancient Ruins Improved

With the Get Together expansion pack came the beautiful world of Windenburg, and it's three special access lots. One of these lots, the Ancient Ruins, is frequently the hot spot for impromptu dance parties, which are full of sims and activities. However, occasionally your sim will get invited to just hang out at the Ancient... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat brought us camping in the woods and the terrifying bear suit (Long Live Yogi!). It also added two more children's hairstyles, which have been recolored for all of your BerrySim pleasure. All hair recolors are Maxis Match! My CC recolors add swatches to the original hair styles in the game, so there won’t... Continue Reading →

Wishlist: Sleeping Stuff Pack

*Warning: I get a little PG13 later on for a second. So the other night, I was laying in bed and my brain was firing at the speed of light. I couldn't sleep because I was having so many thoughts about this blog and what I wanted to do and what I wanted to build... Continue Reading →

My Sims: Jordan Simself

Hello! Today I'll be introducing my simself and, consequently, telling you all a little more about myself. As you all know, my name is Jordan. Like my simself, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm largely German and British ancestry, so I have deep-set eyes and strong cheekbones. My face structure is square-jawed. I... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Kids Room Stuff

Kids Room Stuff added so much adorable furniture and gameplay! I love Voidcritters, and have my sim kids collect them and do battle all the time. I also love the four hairstyles that it added for my colorful sims. All hair recolors are Maxis Match! My CC recolors add swatches to the original hair styles... Continue Reading →

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