My Sims: Trace Hayver

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I don’t make a lot of male sims, and I pretty much use the same female sim model with adjustments for my female sims. I don’t consider creating unique sims to be my strong suit… I think they turn out ugly, so when I find one form appealing, I recycle it. 😉

This is actually the only male sim I have made from scratch, intending to use in my game. Let me introduce Trace Hayver.

05-20-17_10-13-42 PMGallery

Trace is a good, neat genius who is just looking for his one true love. I created him specifically for the Get to Work doctor career. As you can see below, he is a sharply dressed sim, who enjoys layered looks. Even his weekend barbecue outfit is spiffy! He is the definition of the hot doctor you’d trust everything with, am I right?


Now, while Trace looks like a pretty regular sim here, originally he was created as a Berry Sim.

That’s right, the original Trace Hayver was red. And destined to be married to that lovely blue lady in the picture above, Zenia Flood, who will be introduced in another post. These Berry Sims were a recreation of the first sim family I ever made in the Sims 3 (although I changed their names for the Sims 4).

I absolutely adored them! The husband, whom Trace takes after, was a doctor. Zenia’s ancestor (I like to think they’re distant relatives of the original family who found each other – Trace could be a nephew of the original red father, and Zenia a distant cousin of the original blue woman) was a killer chef. They ended up having six kids: one boy all by himself, then triplet girls, and then twin girls. Each child had a different “talent” – one was musical, another athletic, another artsy, etc. Over time, I married them off to other sims in the neighborhood and moved them out; with the Sims 3’s story progression, I got to watch as they had their own kids with regular townies, and see how their unique coloring got passed down. (I kept one of the twins in the original house as the heir of the family and had her get married to a green sim, and live out their lives too.) It was so much fun playing with them that I really wanted to recreate them in the Sims 4!

And of course, once I made Trace and loved how handsome he was, I had to save a “regular” version of him to be used in other saves as well. To download the regular Trace Hayver, click here.

The Berry Sim Trace Hayver is available with Zenia Flood, and can be downloaded by clicking here.


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