My Lots: The Bluffs Improved

Another of the three special lots in Windenburg that needed a little updating to be functional was the Bluffs. Sims are frequently invited here for parties as well, and the outlying areas usually feature big bonfires, DJ booths, and mobile bars. It’s a beautifully scenic party spot, and the actual lot itself features a great “natural” swimming pool.

However, like it’s “cousin” lot, the Ancient Ruins, outside of those special parties, there isn’t much to do here, and there are no amenities beyond those nifty multi-use bushes. So I took the liberty of adding some activities.

05-20-17_9-51-12 PM05-20-17_9-51-19 PM05-20-17_9-51-27 PM

I only added a grill, garbage can, stone picnic table, and horseshoe game set, like I did at the Ancient Ruins. It gives sims a way to make food, a place to sit, and a group activity beyond swimming. I think it makes the lot more accessible to a wider group of sims, especially outside of those party events.


If you’d like to download the Bluffs Improved, click here.


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