My Sims: Zenith Hale

Meet Zenith Hale, the founder of my second attempt at the Legacy Challenge in the Sims 4. This time, I was attempting to do the dreaded Alphabet Challenge, where each generation is named with the next letter of the alphabet and you have to make it through not ten but twenty-six generations. HA! (I only made it to the second.) That’s why she has more of an oddball first name – in order for her offspring to have A-lettered names, she needed to have one at the end of the alphabet.

05-20-17_10-12-22 PM.png


Zenith, like Aspen (the founder of my first Legacy Challenge attempt), is a foodie who loves the outdoors, because broke first-generation sims tend to live outside while sleeping in tents for most of their lives. Unlike Aspen, she is creative and wanted to be a top chef. I chose a more career driven aspiration so that I could try to make more money in the first generation. I chose the culinary career because the promotion bonuses include a full kitchen by the time your sim reaches the top of the career. (And surprisingly, that’s not cheating according to the Legacy Challenge rules! I’ll take a “free” kitchen for my broke sims any time!)

I had already created my Colorful Hairs and Eyebrows for Children CC by this time, so I was hoping that Zenith would pass on her purple locks to the next generation. (She didn’t – Zenith and her husband only had one child and she was a spitting image of her father, drat her!)

Zenith likes to play it a little bit on the safer side with regards to her personal dressing style. She, like most of the sims I create, has several Everyday outfits with a decent mixture to account for weather (in the future, hopefully). Here you can see that she has one dress outfit, one shorts outfit, and one pants outfit.

If you would like to download Zenith Hale, click here.

** The Legacy Challenge was created by Pinstar, and the rules and any additional information about it can be found here. **


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