Colorful Hair from EVERY PACK (So Far…) *UPDATED* 11/28/17

So you’ve decided that you want Maxis Match colorful hair and eyebrows for children and toddlers in your game, and you own every pack that contains additional children and/or toddler hairstyles? Perfect! I’ve compiled all of my colorful children and toddler hair and eyebrow recolors into one package for you!

*UPDATED* 11/28/17 Now includes the hairstyles from the Cats & Dogs Expansion pack! Also, all hairs and eyebrows are working as of Patch PC / Mac

Here are some pictures of the colorful cuteness from all of the packs so far:

And of course, here are some pictures of the toddlers:


All hair recolors are Maxis Match! My CC recolors add swatches to the original hair styles in the game, so that there won’t be two versions of each hairstyle/eyebrow in your menu – which I find annoying because it takes so much time to scan through them all that way.

They are genetic – an adult sim with purple hair can have purple-haired offspring about 50% of the time, at the same ratio that other hair colors are passed onto children. While testing in CAS, the colorful hair was randomly generated onto children of one adult with colorful hair and one adult with “natural” hair 9 times out of 20, and onto toddlers of the same parents 11 times out of 20. (That’s an even 50% total!) In-game play testing, I had the same CAS couple have 6 children – of those six, 4 had purple hair and 2 had “natural” black – producing a slightly higher than 50% likelihood of colorful hair that I’m sure would have evened out had they had more children. Regardless, my point is that they’re genetic and can be passed on (no matter what color of colorful hair you choose).

To download the complete set of hair and eyebrow CC, click here (I use Dropbox).

Please note: As more packs come out, I will be updating this set. I will also always add a set containing just the new pack so that you can add the newest hairstyles without having to re-download all of the ones you already have.


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