Colorful Hair from EVERY PACK (So Far…) *UPDATED* 11/28/17

So you've decided that you want Maxis Match colorful hair and eyebrows for children and toddlers in your game, and you own every pack that contains additional children and/or toddler hairstyles? Perfect! I've compiled all of my colorful children and toddler hair and eyebrow recolors into one package for you! *UPDATED* 11/28/17 Now includes the hairstyles from... Continue Reading →

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Abstract Paintings

If you follow me on Twitter you probably have already seen me rambling on about learning how to make CC. I've also got a new blog post about it here. Anyway, I finally got around to making some CC paintings! YAY! I absolutely love geometric and abstract art, so I found some images online that... Continue Reading →

Learning the Ways of the CC

Hi everyone! I just have to say first, I am so impressed by everyone who makes custom content. I mean holy cow. I knew it could be difficult, but my first foray into it was doing my hair recolors for kids, and it honestly wasn't that hard. Now I'm looking at adding patterns and making meshes... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Cats and Dogs

The Cats and Dogs expansion pack added so many paw-some things! Maybe you didn't notice, but on top of a veterinarian career and skill, kitties, puppies, and so much Build/Buy stuff, it also added two new children hairstyles. Which I have added the five Maxis Match colors to. Below are two examples of the recolors.... Continue Reading →

Toddler Stuff!

Hey everyone! We've all been abuzz about the Toddler Stuff pack, and why not?! It's so adorable! The little toddlers definitely needed some attention, and I'm glad they got it. Of course there are a few things I would have done differently, but let's jump into judging the pack so you can find out! First... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Perfect Patio Stuff

Perfect Patio Stuff is known for it's rather risqué hot tub woohoo action, but it also added a lot of cute patio furniture to our sims' worlds. Sadly, there was only one children's hair for me to recolor in this pack. Here it is in all five color variations: All hair recolors are Maxis Match!... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Vintage Glamour Stuff

Vintage Glamour gave us the ability to have butlers in game - which is an extremely helpful thing to have should you be trying to complete the 7 Toddler Challenge, let me just tell you. Two more children's hairstyles were added along with all of the glamorous furniture and clothing. All hair recolors are Maxis... Continue Reading →

My Sims: Trace Hayver

As you've probably noticed by now, I don't make a lot of male sims, and I pretty much use the same female sim model with adjustments for my female sims. I don't consider creating unique sims to be my strong suit... I think they turn out ugly, so when I find one form appealing, I... Continue Reading →

Made Colorful: Vampires

The Vampires game pack brought one of the all-time favorite lifestates of the sims franchise to the Sims 4 - and boy howdy did the development team do a fantastic job on them! Even children vampires weren't neglected; there were two hairstyles for children in this pack. All hair recolors are Maxis Match! My CC... Continue Reading →

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